Newbie Question - Audio CD Media

Hi, this might be an old topic, or even a stupid one, but please hear me out…

I’ve been burning CDs for sometime now, and have gone thrugh several burners. However, one problem that always repeats itself is that Audio CDs burned by me, do not work on all the player systems (CD-Players)

Is there any special media I can use that works on most (if not all) such systems?

Or maybe do I need to do something different in the way that I’m burning?


1.) You can use cd-r media which is specially designed for audio, like those.

2.) Burn the discs at 8x speed. I had also this problem and the reason was, that i burned them to fast.

It could be helpful if you mentioned the application you use for burning the CDs and the settings used, the drive used, the media you use and the players that fail to play the CDs (car audio players are somewhat picky anyways).

I usually use Nero 6.3

CD-R media is mostly some kind of OEM, nothing fancy.

And the CD Players it fails on are all kinds of sets (not only cars, but also certains stero and diskmans)

Drive: Sanyo CRD-BP1300P
Settings: burn disk at once, finalize. I’m not really sure about other options only that I burn at full speed. which from reading here I have come to understand isn’t the best practice

Your problem is 99% the media you use. Player compatability is quite media dependent.

If you use quality media like TY you should have no problems, write speed should not be an issue besides your drive can only write at 12x max.

Media compatibility—Not all brands of CD-R players get are compatible with all brands of CD-R media. You need to find a combination of rewrite, media and player that work together.

Reflectivity problems—The reflectivity of CD-R discs falls within a broad range, but some CD-ROM drives and CD audio players (especially older ones) were calibrated to read factory-pressed (silver) discs only, which occupy a narrow part of this range of reflectivity. Try the CD-R in different players to determine if it is a problem related to the recording or the player. If the CD-R doesn’t work in another player, try recording with a different brand of CD rewriter or at a different speed to improve readability.

Seeking problems—Sometimes the CD player will have no problem playing the tracks, but will have a great deal of difficulty seeking tracks or fast-forwarding. Try the CD-R in different players to determine if it is a problem related to the recording or the player.

Speed problems—Some media works better written at 1x, 2x, or 4x than it does at other speeds. You may find that slowing down or speeding up the recorder helps.

How old are the devices that you are trying to play burned media? Are any of them more than 4 years old?