Newbie question about video quality

Hi all !

My basic question:

Is it possible to improve the quality of one video that has (originally) bad resolution? Or, in other words, do the ORIGINAL settings of the video define its final quality?

As an example: if I have one video with small size and FPS = 15 (low resolution)… What could I do to improve (a lot) its quality and resolution (of course, if possible…)?

What software (mainly if freeware use) could make this job?

Well, that’s it…

Thanks a lot in advance for any help/information!

You cannot actually improve quality.
You CAN add specific filters to get better looking results.
Virtualdub is perfect for this. I regularily use Fill, Sharpen, and Levels filters on all my downloaded (read “low quality”) video :wink:

Thanks for your explanation, reboot!
Unfortunately, as I was guessing, its not possible to really “fix” the bad quality videos…
Anyways, txs a lot for your hints, buddy! I will try them !

Best Regards!