Newbie question about subtitles



Hello, I’ve copied the VIDEO_TS folder for a movie onto my hard drive. The soundtrack is in English; the movie is British-made. When I play it using VLC Player, I can turn on and see English subtitles. I would like to see English subtitles for this one, as I sometimes have trouble with British accents. However, when I open the files in DVDShrink, it shows no English subtitles in the movie, and when I burn a DVD from the associated files, the disk plays perfectly, except for having no subtitles. How can I burn a DVD that incorporates the subtitles that are displayed in VLC Player? Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for any help on this one.


Check your settings in Dvd Shrink / Edit / Preferences. If it is set like mine, subtitles will not show up in Dvd Shrink.


OK, in my DVDShrink setup, that box (disable all except menus…) is unchecked, and the main DVDShrink window shows that subtitles for all languages are of 0M size, except for Spanish, which is 10M. Then where is VLC getting those English subs from? Hmm…


You are probably looking at Closed Captioning - not Subtitles

In general, Closed Captioning is specific to the U.S. and Canada. I don’t think it exists in Europe and Asia.

Closed captioning can be implemented in various ways - so, it is somewhat complicated to explain how it works. One version of DVD CC is turned on and off at the DVD player. Another version of DVD CC is turned on and off at the TV (U.S. TVs have a CC decoder built into them if they are bigger than 13 inches diagonal).