Newbie question about DVD-RW


I’m still sort of new to making home-made DVDs.

My machine is a LiteOn stand-alone DVD recorder that can do both DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW formats.

I’ve recently used a +RW disc to make some recordings, partly because I’d heard they work in DVD players without being finalized, and I wanted to “play” with the recorder and try something new.

In the process, I found out the machine won’t finalize +RW discs anyway, and rejects any attempt to do it.

Are both of these things true with -RW discs? (Which I never seem to be able to find anyway.)

I ask because I’ve heard the “-” format is a little more likely to work with playback units, and I prefer using that type of disc.

Will DVD-RW discs play in regular DVD players without being finalized?

CAN you even finalize them, or would the attempt produce another “change disc” message, like I got with the +RW disc? :confused:

Finalizing is something you should usually want to do to play in a standalone.

The reason people use them is that they’re rewritable, so if it doesn’t work you can try again without wasting a disc.

My standalone only works with -r or -rw media. You need to check your user manual and see if yours even supports +r or +rw media. I also have an instruction guide that tells me exactly how to finalize my dvd’s. You should have one as well. Mine also requires that I be hooked up to a monitor as all the instructions to finalize require onscreen display functions.

Guys, I’m sorry but neither reply really addresses my question.

I said I know the +RW discs will play in my regular DVD player without being finalized.

And they do.

I said the recorder won’t even LET me finalize them, instead giving me a “insert new disc” message if I try.

I asked if the same is true of -RW’s as well.

Is it possible to finalize -RW (NOT -R) discs?

Also, will they play unfinalized in most DVD players, or is that only true of the “+” format RWs?