Newbie Question about Dual/Double Layer

Can any help me to backup a DVD with the file structure shown in the first attachment? DVDFab only recognizes chapter 1 which is a lead-in and saves the second attachment for writing to disk. I’m unable to see or write any other data. Thanks!

Try the Customize Mode. It should show all available titles and let you select which one(s) you want to copy. Are these episodes of a TV show?

I attempted all the modes and only see a 20 second chapter 1 in the main DVDFab window. I’ve also tried to read/write the .iso I got from cloning, and get the same thing. Thanks for the suggestion tho’ signals – I appreciate it!

What movie is this?

I got the backup done with DVDShrink without incident – weird that DVDFab didn’t work tho’

Hi synaptik_1,

What’s the title name/region/country? What copy mode of DVDFab do you use?

Also, please send us all the .IFO files on Original disc, then we will check the problem.

A recommended way is listed below:

  1. Open an Explorer window, and navigate to VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD.
  2. Copy all files ending with .IFO to hard disk.
  3. ZIP the IFO files on hard disk to one file. Name it with a readable filename, like
  4. Send the zip file to fengtao(at), you need replace (at) with @.

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Sure thing Fengtao – check your inbox for “”

Disk info is in the email - Regards,