Newbie question about de benq dw1620



I just got in the mail today my brand new driver …via newegg …this was an RMA send back for an old broken down optorite … anyways thats not the problem at hand , i want to do an upgrade on the firmware but im not so sure all of the aspects that i have to look for , from retail to oem , to firmware to everything else
i have a purpleish box says benq dw 1620 model dw1620 B7L9 PART NO: 99.B5C15.OCO
THATS ALL it says …i dont know what other info do i need so i know where to upgraded or not, i mean firmware and yeah it was made in malaysia …also was the best prog out there?? right now im using dvdshrink an then straight to nero? anything better???


B7L9 is a retail firmware, G7L9 would be a bulk firmware. You can use the official B7T9 to upgrade to the latest version.


where can i get that firmware because i just went to the benq website and is not there i dont want to flash the wrong version and this drive will go to hell…anybody knows?? besides im seeing that a lot of people once they flash it to the new one their driver stop working





If it’s working for you, don’t change anything. I’ve been using the same combo (DVDShrink and Nero) a year or so with great results. The only thing I’d recommend is to turn on…

“compress video with adaptive error compensation”

option in the…

“DVD Shrink 3.2 quality enhancements”

menu right before burn time.