Newbie question about codeguys firmware for 167T dvd-rom

hi, i got kind of a newbie question about upgrading the firmware for my liteon SOHD-167T drive. i downloaded the 9S19 firmware from codeguys webpage. in the rar file is a bunch of folders named “12x, 14x, and 16x”. and inside each folder is a ton of different firmwares. i am wondering which one should i use. i definately want to increase the rip speed of DL disc as it now takes 16 to 20min to rip each disc. what firmware should i start with of the bat?

@ dave4life
I read the ‘readme.txt’ file included, and it told me all I needed to know. You can choose how fast you want to try to rip and select the firmware with those specs. The fastest would be the 167T.9S19-16x-16x-12x, available in the ‘16x’ folder.

A note about my own personal experience: 10x DL is what I use personally. I can’t get 12x for DL to work stably on my drive, but the maximum stable sustainable speed varies between drive batches (which is why the 12x option is there, for those whose drives can sustain it stably).

thanks for the input. i will start out with 16x-8x-10x and see how it works. i never rip RWs so i guess i’ll use the slowest for that. or does that not make sense and i should just use 16x-16x-10x.

I got the 14X 12X 10X one loaded on my 167T right now and it works great. I have found many DVD-+R media read best at 14X not 16X (more errors reading). 12X seems to work great with the newer 4X DVD-+RW media. 10X is best for dual layer. 12X would NOT work for me at all. The drive would keep hanging up / get stuck.