Newbie question-2 dif. drives encode differently

OK, first off, I’m not too good with computers. I’ve been burning my DVD’s with DVDshrink for some time now with no problems. I was using only one drive to do this. It’s a Sony DRU-710A 16X dual layer burner. My dad came across a DVD ROM that he let me use as a second drive so I won’t have to switch discs. It’s a Hitachi GD-7500. I think it’s kind of old. I don’t know the read speed on it. How do I find that out? That was my first question. What I’m finding out since I’ve installed the Hitachi is that my encoding has doubled in length of time from the Sony drive. I thought for sure a “read only” drive would encode faster. I like using two drives so I don’t have to switch disks, but the added amount of time is frustrating. I’m wondering if I can improve the encoding time on the “read only” drive. Please help.

Drive speed can be found using a tool like Nero InfoTool.

The drive speed, however, is related also on DMA. If you noticed a really slow ripping time, there are three main possibilities:

[li]The (old) drive is a slow reader by itself, and this can’t be solved (if you have a 2x reader, you can’t read faster than 2x)
[/li][li]DMA is disabled. Try to enable it to see if this solve (see in my signature about DMA)
[/li][li]The DVD you are ripping is dirty or scratched, and this causes a really slow ripping. Try to clean it: usually this improve ripping speed.