Newbie problems re: disk is not formatted error



hi.. i just got a verbatime 32x cd-rw drive from staples. this replaces a hp 8110i (4x) burner, but i keep on getting coasters.. whenever i burn a cd using either nero 5.5.82 or the windows xp native burner, the cd-r seemingly works (nero says burn was successful) and the cd-r definitely is not blank, but when i try to read it from my dvd/cd drive, i get "disk not formatted. windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible w/ Windows." i've used different cd-r's (32x certified), tried burning at slower speeds, changed the cd-r drive to master on the secondary drive, but i always get this error. please help!!


Can you read the CD-R with the drive you used to burn it? Some early DVD drives won’t read CD-R media, if I’m not mistaken…


thx for the reply… on the cd-r drive (the verbatim), nothing shows up in windows explorer and the properties shows the cd-r as having 0 bytes for free 0 bytes for used space. hope that helps


try disabling IMAPI under services.

I ran across the same problem, and turned that off and now I burn without a problem under xp.