Newbie problems=DVD writer

I have a feeling that my DVD writer is failing. I have a Sony DVD RW DW-D18A inside a Sony R VGc-RA710G. I have for the past few months been buring a number of Dvd (video) with no problem at all.

Just within the past week though…i have been buring DVds (video) with pixilation/pausing/jittering and some that fail in the first second of play. I have used Sony 8x +R/TDK 8x + and - R and my new RITEk 8x +r without any luck. I have Defraged my harddrive and its clean. I have 1 200gig and one 100gig hard drive in the system.

I use Shrink and nero to burn.

I normally record at the highest speed but im thinking that could be a problem as well. Really cant explain it. Could my DVD writer be failing so soon? Its only a year old.

Could it be the media? Have i been that unlucky in picking DVDs off the Best Buy shelf? Could it be some DVD recording and authoring software i have conflicting with each other?

i say its not the burner, more likely the media, or nero or your dvd player hates that media, or the current political climate in Georgia, or the tidal situation in Bangladesh or…

Ok i understand…its probably not the DVD writer but could be ANYTHING else. 60% media/50% the price of tea in china…am i right on this one?

Likely, your media batch is not the same quality it once was. Try burning at the rated speed of the media, or slightly slower and see if that helps. If not, I would try a good quality media like Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim 16x, and see if that helps.


I totally agree with Rob on this one-

Try the good medias he’s shown-

If it is truely within the burner - you still have excellent medias left for your new burner-