Newbie problem - DVD not recognised - but works on ps2?



Hi - hope you can help a newbie with a stupid question.
I am running Nero 7 with an external Phillips SPD3000C burner.
I’ve been buring some .avi movies without a problem, but now for some reason when I try and playback the DVD’s in my phillips DVDR3440H recorder I get the message “disc type not supported”. However, the movies play fine on both my laptop and my playstation 2

I’m new and stupid to all this burning lark, but now I completely lost - fell across your forum through Google and I’m hoping you guys can help

Many thanks in advance


Welcome to CDF,
Is it possiblr that your Philips 3440 is not capable of reading .avi format?


I don’t think so as I have burn a couple of other movies already of the same format - I’m just confused!


Surely they have not the same resolution, bitrate and codecs used.
AVI isn’t AVI. AVI is just a synonym for various videoformats these days.


Yes, chef is correct. Microsoft .avi (audio/video interleave) container files can hold MPEG2, MPEG4 (XviD/DivX) or some other encodings.

However the DVDR3440H will play back DivX of certain vintage. From the Philips website:
“Plays MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x/6
Multi-format playability allows you to play most file formats for maximum listening and viewing pleasure, including MP3, WMA, JPEG and the popular DivX digital media format. DivX playback enables you to play and share compressed high quality DivX video content beyond your computer.”

@mattman190973:[/i] download GSpot and drop your .avi file on it. It will report what is inside the .avi container file.


Right, downloaded Gspot - run a couple of avi files that only play on the ps2 through it and got some “codec not installed” messages.
Googled the codecs and installed those - now what or am I even more stupid than I thought?

To make matters worse, I copied one movie this morning, and it played fine on the DVD player, so I made another copy and that one won’t play!

Help!! I’m losing my marbles


OK, now we need to know what brand of discs you are using.

Better still, download CD-DVD Speed, fire it up and put one of the discs in the drive. Then post the contents of the ‘Disc Info’ tab (text only will be fine).


Thanks for the speedy reply imkidd57
I’m using verbatim 16x DVD-R’s

Just downloading the sw you said - will post results of a working one and a non-worker!


Downloaded DVD Speed as suggested, but now can’t see anything on the disc - keeps asking me to insert the disc - even though the movie plays fine on the playstation 2 ???


Are you converting the movies or burning them as a data disc?


burning them with Nero 7 - Make a DVD movie

at least that what it should be doing!


I can’t imagine that Nero is doing something different but try converting the movie with Divxtodvd and then burn with Nero. You may find it’s faster than Nero too.


I think I may have found the problem - by dropping the write speed from “Max” to 6x, I seem to have fixed the problem!


Ow, so the media quality was the problem?!?