Newbie problem can't detect protection using aray or back-up using alcohol ver 1.4.7

hi all.

i can’t seem to figure this stuff out at all.

i have a test bank program i am trying to back up. it is called kaplan mechanical & electrical systems test bank.

when i scan the software with aray no protection shows up. when i make a duplicate using alcohol ver.1.4.7 set to customize because i am not sure what protection to set it to i get a few read errors while it is burning and then when i put the disc in i get a message from the program that says ‘the original disc must be inserted’ this is the same message i get if i try to back up just using nero.

can anyone shed some light onto my problem? what am i doing wrong here? i have looked through some of the faq but most seem over my head. i still cant figure out if aray is the best way to detect the protection or what i can do to get around this protection.

any help would be greatly appreciated.