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Sorry if this has been posted before (I’m sure it has) and Search did not find anything (I did look).

I have a DVD player that will not play region free copies of legitimate movies. It seems to only play region 1. you would think for $700 that it would play everything but I was wrong…

So my problem is that when I copy the movie I make sure that AnyDVD is set to region 1 which is fine, CloneDVD burns fine… movie will not play. I’m assuming there is something that I’m doing wrong. So I’ve even tried patching the .ISO with DVD Decrypter and still no luck.

Any ideas? And thanks in advance.

It sounds backwards, but the reality is that the more expensive the player the less likely it is it will be region free. The reasoning behind this is that as player price increases, the quality expectations also increase. The fact of the matter is, region free capability isn’t factored into consideration, as it doesn’t enhance the quality of the final product. While the cheap players are sold based on features, top quality products are sold based on performance first, features second.

It sounds like you are having media problems. What media code are you using for your recordings? I would recommend using MCC or TY, which seem to be very popular and of very high quality. Also, keep in mind that your player may be more picky about the types of discs you use with it. Because your player is a dvd player first, it uses a drive that isn’t as tolerant of media. If you had a cheap player that uses a PC based ROM drive it would have an easier time with marginal media.

@ FrankTh3Tank,

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Explain exactly what leads you to believe that the reason that your backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles fail to play in your DVD player is a Region Coding problem?

It is not at all unusual for a desktop stand alone DVD Player to be “Locked” to only one Region Code. In the USA most all desktop stand alone DVD Players are “Locked” to Region Code 1. By definition a “Region Free” DVD means that it will play in any desktop stand alone DVD Player no mater what Region Code the desktop stand alone DVD Player is “Locked” to.

You have provided extremely limited amount of information for Forum Members to provide any meaningful assistance.

Provide the version numbers of AnyDVD and CloneDVD that you are using.

Provide the Manufacture Name and Model Number of your “DVD Player”.

Provide any error codes and error narrative you receive when you experience your problem.

Provide the Manufacture Name, Model Number, and Firmware version of your DVD Burner.

Provide the complete name of the Commercial DVD Movie Titles that you are experiencing problem with.

Provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of the DVD Media you are using. To obtain your DVD Burner Firmware version and MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of your DVD Media use either DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo (

Have you attempted to view these problematic backup copies of these Commercial DVD Movie Titles in your computer using DVD playing software program similar to PowerDVD and/or WinDVD? If so what was the results? Also have you attempted to view these problematic backup copies of these Commercial DVD Movie Titles VIDE_TS Folders with DVD playing software program similar to PowerDVD and/or WinDVD prior to burning to blank DVD Media? If so what was the results?

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I believe it is a region coding problem because it states that the movie is in Region 1 and locked to Region 1. It works in a cheaper DVD player that we have in my bedroom no problems (it’s a really cheap DVD player). It however does not work on my DVD player in my living room which I’ve had problems before trying to get it to read correctly. I hope that answers your question.

My version of AnyDVD I’m using is:
CloneDVD version is:

DVD player is a Panasonic SA-HT930

Error I get on Panasonic DVD Player: No Play

DVD Burner: HP DVD Writer 400c latest firmware

Commercial Titles: Hostel, Wolf Creek, Pride and Prejudice, etc…


Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:SONY-D11-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD-ROM]
Manufacturer Name : [Sony Recording Media Co.]
Manufacturer ID : [SONY]
Media Type ID : [D11]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [Not Supported By Method 2]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]
[Method 2 Might Not Always Detect All Speeds]

[ DVD Identifier V4.3.0 - ]

The DVD copies work in my PC, my other DVD player and other PC’s. Hence the reason why I feel it’s a Region code problem with my Panasonic :slight_smile:

Here is what AnyDVD provides:

Summary for drive F: (AnyDVD
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)
Size of first Layer: 2084960 sectors (4072 MBytes)
Total size: 4169920 sectors (8144 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: Hostel_UR_NTSC_NA
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1!

RCE protection not found.
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Found & removed structural copy protection (Arccos, Puppetlock)!
Found & removed bogus title set!
Found & removed invalid VOBUs!
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Found & removed 7 bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

My version of AnyDVD I’m using is:
CloneDVD version is:

There is new versioins for both of these.

it is due to a PAL -Ntsc Problem
your Region 1 high end player is locked to both region 1 disks and NTSC format output
it will not convert pal to an NTSC output
you can use AD to remove RC but the PAL stuff on it will remain PAL

some cheap dvd players will play any region code dvd and also convert pal to an NRSC output so that you can view on your NTSC TV

How did you get that it is PAL problem?? It’s NTSC I know that for a fact. Nothing I’m doing is PAL related as I’m not in Europe. I’m in Canada.

@ FrankTh3Tank,

Since these problematic backup copies of your Commercial DVD Movie Titles play in your “Cheaper DVD Player” indicates that the problem is not caused by a Region Coding problem.

Most likely your problem is caused by a media quality problem. Just because a backup copy of your Commercial DVD Movie Titles appear to play properly in a particular DVD playback device does not mean that the backup copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Title does not contain write errors that were introduced during the recording/burning process.

To confirm if in fact these problematic backup copies of a Commercial DVD Movie Title contain write errors used a diagnostics software program similar to Nero CD-DVD Speed ( Using Nero CD-DVD Speed perform a ScanDisc surface scan of these problematic backup copies of a Commercial DVD Movie Titles and check for Bad (Red Sectors). A properly recorded backup copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Title will not contain any Red (Bad Sectors). If the CD-DVD Speed ScanDisc surface scan indicates Bad (Red Sectors) means that these backup copies of a Commercial DVD Movie Title contain write errors, which is the reason that these backup copies of a Commercial DVD Movie Title fail to play in your Panasonic SA-HT930 DVD playback device.

This media quality problem is not unusual problem and has been extensively discussed in many numerous CD Freaks Forum postings.

Also strongly suggest visiting SlySoft ( and acquire the newest up to date versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

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sorry got confused with the german poster
How old is your “high” end dvd player?
Does it play other other type of dvd recordable disks?
the reason beong that older dvd players will not play dvd recordable disks
I had $1200 SONY dvd 7000 bought when dvd first started and it will not play these disks
got donated to local church for nice tax break

It would really play nothing?
I know some old players about 4-5 years old which are playin backups still fine.

I had a $400 JVC that would not play ANY burnt media - only commercially pressed discs. I bought it just before recordable dvds started hitting the shelves. I now have 3 newer (and much cheaper) JVCs that play everything I’ve thrown at 'em.

I looked here:

and the Sony made discs with D11 media seem to have mixed results with players.

Plays on 15 DVD Players
Plays not on 10 DVD Players
Burn Reliability is Good
DVD Reliability is Mixed
PC Reliability is Good
Console Reliability is Mixed