Newbie PO'd at CD's and a few questions

I’ve roamed these forums in the past, apparently back when it was CDFreaks. I learned a thing or two about firmware and experimented but never got anywhere successful. My problem and questions today aren’t about firmware. I bought a 100 spindle of Sony CD-R (as well as DVD+R but no problems with them) from Costco a while back since they were a good deal. So I just started using them and I’m extremely disappointed. I’ve probably put 15 or so in my burner and only 2-3 have come out successfully burned. I’ve tried different burning programs and always get “Error c0aa0301” at some point in the burning process. At 24x, 20x, 16x they all fail, some have failed at 12x while 1 or 2 burned properly at that. It seems 4x works alright though.I e-mailed Sony about it and they said “send it back we’ll send you a new one” and I told them “no way, shipping would be as much or more than a new spindle” and didn’t go that route. My burner is a Sony DRU-510a. I’ve never had a problem with Verbatim or Sony DVD+R and Memorex CD-R but this spindle is giving me hell! I know there’s a way to find out where they were made and that there’s good and bad batches as well as underlying brands (rebadging) and whatnot.

So, maybe my problem is solvable by a new spindle of CD-R, maybe it’s my burner, I don’t know. Some insight on that would be nice in the mean time however I don’t mind paying for quality and this is where my question comes in. What are some good burner models? I only need CD and DVD+/-R, no bluray crap yet. SATA or IDE, doesn’t matter. Also what is some good media? I don’t burn things that often but when I do, I would like to be able to have a nice quality disk with minimal problems and a decent speed. So, help would be nice :slight_smile: Thanks in advance to those that reply.

I recommend the Optiarc 7240s as a good dvd burner. SATA interface on that drive.

For media, we recommend Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden for dvds. If you need double layer dvds, Verbatim is the best. You can find Verbatim locally in Best Buy or Office Max, but if you are in the US, Taiyo Yuden is easiest to find online at shops like or
Do not buy Value Line disks of either brand/manufacturer. It defeats the purpose of buying top quality media.

Sony is usually my third choice when people ask for recommendations on blank dvds…just don’t buy their double layer dvds.

For cds, I haven’t used anything but Taiyo Yuden for years. They are, I believe, head and shoulders above the competition for cds.

I love burners :smiley: It’s about the only category in computer hardware that doesn’t have a price tag that actually hurts. I saw that burner on Amazon but there’s gotta be another seller, I’ll keep looking on Google but a link would be awesome :slight_smile:

I used to only buy Sony’s and never NEVER had a problem until this pack. I’ve seen the Taiyo Yuden at Newegg (heard of them on this site) and was tempted but Costco ran a good deal on the Sony’s.

I did find something new with these Sony’s that I got, I tried them in another computer and burned 2 at 48x without problem. I want to think it’s my burner but after 4 straight coasters of the Sony’s it burned a Memorex at 24x without problem. It’s just confusing… Oh well, I’m hoping that if I get a new burner and new media that I’ll be able to burn CD’s at a faster rate (even though I might get a bad look from people here for doing that :D)

Thanks for the help Kerry 56 :slight_smile: It’s nice to have 1 post on a forum and the first reply is a top level mod/guru of the forums that doesn’t flame the noob.

I assume this is the same burner?:

I think you’ll find these forums are very friendly, to newbies and regulars alike. Flaming isn’t tolerated, and this Newbie forum in particular is set aside for asking questions without having to be anxious about intolerant replies.

It sounds like the Sony cds aren’t recognized well by your burner. You might be able to update the firmware for the drive and have better luck with them. But it won’t hurt to get a new drive either. :slight_smile: The link you posted from Newegg [B]is[/B] the drive I was talking about. I have one and have been very pleased with it, but I use it primarily for burning dvds and double layer dvds. And I never burn at top speed!

I don’t burn cds very often at all, and when I do, I use a discountinued Samsung drive that has proved to be excellent with that task. I don’t think you would have any problems in the 7240s using Taiyo Yuden cds (or the Sony cds for that matter).

This place is friendly, unlike some other tech sites…

I also think the burner is having issues since I burned 2 in a row in another computer at max speed without problems. Kinda funny that a Sony burner won’t burn Sony media :cool: BTW, the firmware is the newest, 1.1a I believe.

I know burning at top speed is a sin around here and maybe eventually I’ll figure out why, for now I just want something that will work at ANY speed lol :smiley:

I was halfway thinking of putting another drive in my computer since my current burner burns DVD’s pretty well (no coasters yet) but I just might want to get something new and start fresh. In any event, thanks for the help! I’ll definitely browse around some more.

Hey Kerry56, or anyone else, I have an addition to this thread. I just tried to make an iso of a cd with my burner and it failed partway through, I’m thinking my burner is faulty now. I replaced my NEC ND-1100A with this Sony DRU-510A that I currently have. Let’s just say that there’s no problem with either drive, which one would be better? I thought I would be getting a better drive by “upgrading” to the DRU-510A but I’m not so sure now. Thanks.

The Sony drive can write to both -R and +R disks, so in that respect it would be a “better” drive. The 1100A could be crossflashed to a 1300A I believe (trying to remember from 2003 here) and get the same capabilities.

Both are ancient as far as dvd drives go. You would be [B]far[/B] better off to replace them. You’ll find less and less media that will be recognized by these drives as time goes by, and that will lead to poor or failed burns.

If the drive is failing to read properly, then it really is an indication to buy something new.

The DRU-510 is a very old 4X DVD burner and would have problems burning newer media that never was and never will be in it’s firmware. The burner you were looking at from newegg is a SATA drive. Does your computer handle SATA interface?
The NEC 1100 is also a very old drive.

Kerry beat me to it.

I popped the 1100A back in and although it is slower it appears to do a better job. When I get some extra $$ I will definitely get that newegg drive. BTW, yes my computer supports SATA :slight_smile: Thanks guys.