Newbie: Plz help me

Hey all
i am bout to buy the LiteOn 811s from and i have been reading on here what media to use, i will mainly use the Burner to burn DVD Movies.
Now i have been readin what people advice to use but where do i find these? is there any web site which i can buy media that will work with my burner and not create any coasters.
I would prefere a UK company as it would be easier.

Thanx very much

Oh you UK people have lots of places to choose from, lucky bastards… :wink:

lol cheerz for them.
so is DVD-R best for Copying DVDs then?? or should i use DVD+R as they are mized views all over the web and totally confused.

Buy some of each to test in your standalone if you have one. Mine for instance does not play -R(W), only +R(W).