Newbie! plz help--data cd

:bow: can someone please help me, i am using visual basic with the nero COM.

i have taken a look at the example provided and cant seem to understand how to use it to make a data CD/DVD. every time i try i get a cd that is the correct size except i cant see the files??

can someone please explain to me how to make a data CD/DVD.

thanx in advance.

if u use Nero user interface ( I mean the Nero/Nero Express app itself), do u see the files ?

finaly got it sorted out. didnt know how to use the nero folder objects etc…

just FYI to any other newbies

to add a folder in visual basic useing the nero COM

Dim CD_Root_Folder as NeroFolder
Set CD_Root_folder = new NeroFolder

Dim xFolder as neroFolder
Set xFolder = new NeroFolder = “Folder Name”

CD_Root_Folder.folders.add xFolder

to add a file it is the same thing
except its a NeroFile object

to add a subfolder is a little triky

hard coded it is like this

'index = the index number of the folder you want to create a sub folder under

CD_Root_Folder.folders.item(index).folders.add xFolder

if anyone is intrested in an example i have sub. that adds files to the nero folder creating folders and all.

just post here.

Yes, I would liek to see yoiur code. I am confused about the file system part myself.

Thank you in advance,


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Yes, I would like your code also…
I’m interested in how you finalise the CD


I’d really like to see your code. I cannot figure out how to add files and folders.