Hi I just purchased DVDFab Platinum today and I want to take out a couple of chapters out of a video I just filmed and burned. I want to be able to take 2 chapters out of the disc, then burn them on to another disc. When i tried to do a generic copy everything shows up blank. The only setting it works on is Full disc

Any help will be greatly appreciated

I really don’t think that this is that hard. If its is, I just wasted money on a lousy product, or if it isn’t that hard, then using this chat has just been a waste of my time!!! I can’t believe that no-one knows how to use DVDFab Platinum!

Welcome to CDFreaks forum, the best thing to do send an email to Fengtao and ask for help I am sure he will answer you in proper manner asap.

Hi chrisjolliffe
instead of using generic have you tried the customize mode


Nothing hard about it…you need to re-author the dvd. Fab is Not a re-authoring application. It is used as a decrypter/transcoder, etc., to back up copy protected (commercially produced) dvds that you have purchased.

You can download and use dvd shrink (freeware) to accomplish re-authoring your dvd.

The reason no one has responded to your query is that your problem and your task at hand has nothing to do with Fab. It has nothing to do with the members here on cdf not knowing how to use DVDFab Platinum. You would have better luck posting in the newbie section if you have further questions, but I believe shrink will do what you require without any cost to you.

BTW, perhaps you should think twice before making disparaging remarks since it is you wasting our time… :wink: