Newbie pioneer question



hi i have a 111d pioneer and i seem to be having probs burning DL discs its seems to be during the layer break this happens sometimes at the end am i right in thinking i need an 80 pin cable to run this drive as in my hardware settings its only on ultra 33 dma 2 does this drive need to be 4? would it be set to 2 if it has a 40 pin ide plugged in? sorry if this sounds noobish but im a noob :o


Welcome to the forum.
For correct operation the drive should be connected with an 80 conductor cable. UDMA 4/5.
As you already found out. if a 40 conductor cable is used the drive will run in UDMA2.
One question. Which type of DVD DL media are you burning?


thx for the reply, my drive is set at udma2 as it says let bios select transfer mode does this mean there definitely a 40 connection in ? would it say udma 4 if an 80 was in ?

i am using infiniti dvd+r dl but have also used traxdata , verbatim and intenso funnily enough i managed to burn a traxdata last week at 2.4 x but now nothing?


Yes it seems you have 40 conductor UDMA2 cable.

You should get the best results with Verbatim. Try burning them at 4x for best results.


Verbatim is highly regarded on this board and is the only double layer DVD media recommended. You can get 10 for $15 at Office Max. Free shipping if you get four of them.


hey thx for the replys i gonna get a cable tommorrow and some verbs really helpful forums and ppl , thx again will let you know how i get on


ok now in image burn i have no writer detected with an 80 pin ide in ? losing my mind with this


Do you mean 80 wire?

Just get an 80 wire IDE cable and this will let the drive run in UDMA4 mode, otherwise you’ll get problems.