Newbie: Pioneer 106D Problem

Hi guys. I’ve got a problem with my drive, so I thought I’d ask the experts. I don’t have a great amount of info for you as I’m at work - but there may be a simple solution. I’ve have looked through the past threads and can’t find any answers. Here goes…

I have a Pioneer 106D - Its been fine for the last 4/5 months. I’ve burnt numerous -r discs using Nero and other software in various formats - ISO’s, compilations, Audio etc

I’ve just bought a batch of x4 +r disks. All of a sudden, I can’t burn any discs at all. It burns to the end, but doesn’t finalise / complete the burn. I have made about 15 coasters and have decided to ask for help as it must be the +r’s. I haven’t tried using a -r since - but I will soon. Is this a common problem ? Is there a solution or should I just flog the disks, gets some -r’s again and just shut up ?

Let me know what you think guys. There may be someone out there who has had the same problem. I can supply more info if required.

Cheers lads.


What is the mediacode & brand of the discs?
Which softwares have you used to burn that medias (version)?
If you have used Nero - known problem with some versions of nero.

Sorry about that - very bad explanation.

The discs burn upto 100% completion but do not finalise / complete the burning sequence.
The disks are just a cheap bundle. They are:

Bulkpaq DVD+R Generation 4 4xspeed 4.7gb

I was using Nero - now upgraded to since I’ve had problems.
I tried another program recommended on here - called record now or something ? That had the same problem.

Have you checked the discs after the burn? I’ve had, with my 107, failures at writing the leadout (especially on cheap media) where it actually succeeded before the failure. I suspect that the drive just never sent the ‘done’ message. The discs checked out as okay afterward though (mounted and was readable).


Yeah I’ve tried all the discs. The drive will not recognise them whatsoever.

Hi i think i had a similiar Problem too you with the Bulpaq x8 and the 106d but they would finalize but nothing could read them ,so i assumed it was the drive dying and bought the 109 ,thing is i found a drawer with about 10 datawrite in it and tried them on the 106 and they worked ,so maybe the new bulpaq discs just dont like the 106d (ive used hundreds of bulpaq with the 106 in the past with no coasters :frowning: )

Cheers. I had a feeling this might be the case. I just wanted to know if others out there have experienced the same thing. I will try a -r again (which worked fine) and maybe a different brand of +r. If one of my mates burners work with the Bulkpaq I will try and swap him a pile of discs.

Feel free to post any more info if anyone has any. Cheers.