Newbie PI/PO scan question

Hi all,
I’m new to both the forums and to DVD burning, so yeh… hi… :wink:
Anyway, I just burnt my first DVD :bigsmile: and tested it with DVDInfoPro. Could you guys like tell me if it’s good or bad? Thanks, appreciate it; and I apologise for any “newbie-ness” I might display. :slight_smile:

that scan just does not look right. The PIFs seem way to high for such low PIs. Try using Kprobe to scan it and see what it says.

also you may want to go here to learn more about BLER scans. PIF is the same thing as PO.
BLER scans

Thanks for the info/link Jamos; appreciate it. Well I did a Kprobe scan and the results are shown below. What do you think? Also could my results be wrong because I used a DVD-ROM as a reader and not a DVD burner?

Go to dvd media test at the top of this page then look at the interpreting pi/po error scans. Here’s a scan I made the other day.

Yes your results are skewed, because of your using a DVD rom, and not a DVD Writer. DVD Roms generally do not give accurate results.

Hmm… Well, is there any other ways I can do a disc quality scan on a Liteon LTC-48161H or a NEC ND-2510A? Thanks again for the help and I apologise if this has been answered before. :slight_smile: