Newbie Overclocking Question =)

Ok, I’m normally a computer guru, but I have never attempted to overclock any CD/CDRW drives…so I figured what the hek…might as well give it a shot. I’m going to be buying a CDRW pretty soon and the LiteOn’s are so freaking cheap…My question is this: I know that these Lite On drives are overclockable with firmware updates…I wanna get a 40X CDRW…but I’ve noticed there are two models available…the LTR-40125S and the LTR-40125W. Does it make a difference as to which one I get. Either way, I’m planning on moving up to 48X…just wondering. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx. =)

Damn it…never mind…I found OC’s Q & A thread =).

the cheapest way to do it is buy a 32125w then overclock it to a 48125w with vs02 firmware i first experimented with mine by flashing it to 40125w then 48125w and 40125s all with different firmwares i am running 48125w just now and it is running sweet

  cheers  spike