Newbie - original sound qualty & bitrate settings

I’m ripping tracks off CD’s using EAC 0.95PB5, with LAME 3.09.3. I’ll be burning compilation audio CD’s using NERO 5.5. I want it to sound as close as possible to the original. I’m using LAME’s presets of
%l–alt-preset 128%l%h–alt-preset standard%h %s.
The resulting MP3’s have variable bitrates. I’ve been going through different forums, becoming more confused on an optimal setting.(info. overload maybe!) :confused: I figure garbage in, garbage out…so setting the right compression ratio is key to the final quality burned CD, right? Any suggestions on bitrate settings for what I’m trying to do? Leave LAME’s presets? Or should I leave them in .wav format, not compress to MP3, then burn? Thanks…any help appreciated.:bow:

If you want a 1:1 copy of a track or as close as possible use a lossless format or pcm (wav) otherwise your current MP3 setting will be fine for archiving cds as mp3s.

monkey audio compression is lossless.

i prefer lame 3.9x with vbr, 192 = minimum bitrate. VBR actually examines the audio samples, and chooses the proper bitrate to reproduce them. if size is an issue, but you still desire high quality encoding, this should be your choice.

if size doesnt matter, i would try monkey audio, or a constant bit rate in lame. the type of music you are encoding also matters slightly in your quality choices.

razorlame is a great frontend for LAME, and using it + lame, i have over 2500 songs ripped to my drive. i think they sound pretty damn good.

:bigsmile: Thanks guys…looking into all that.