Newbie nero question



I have the latest version (version 6 express, I believe) which came bundled in with a burner I just bought and I was wondering.

Whenever I burn an iso image with nero, the minimum speed I can choose is 4X. I’d like to use 1X-2X but nero removes those options from the drop-down list.

Is there anyway to choose 1X-2X? If there isn’t, are there any other programs which provide iso burning with an option 1X-2X speed?


not all drives allows 1X or even 2X
for example if your drive is a liteon 1653 or 1673 you minimum speed is 4X.


Is there any way to get around that? I have BenQ dw1620 pro btw.


No there is not.
Why would you want to burn at 1-2X anyway? Modern drives and media are optimized for high speed (8X and up).


One of my ps2 games has too many scratches on the back. I can still play it but most of the time I get Disc Read Errors and sometimes it even hangs in game. So I got a back up and burned it at 4X. 80% of the time it works but sometimes it slows-down when there are too many sprites. It didn’t do that before when my original was still in its prime, so I thought that if I burned it at slower speeds the slow-downs might decrease or altogether disappear.

1X-2X on a DVD burner is just wishful thinking I suppose…


The media quality is the cause of the slowdown, more likely than not.

Still, you could try a DVD±RW - those are still supported all the way down to 1X. I don’t know anything about their compatibilty with the PS2.


For PS2, get a very good quality media and burn it at normal speed. If your media is a +R, switch it to DVDROM.