Newbie - Nero 7 Premium

I am using Nero 7 Premium and every time i open Nero Burning Room i get an error,

nero.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Error Signature
AppName: nero.exe AppVer: ModName : bcgcbpro730.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0011d51b

Nero Express and Nero Vision are running perfectly fine.

You probably using product key which is for Nero Ultra Edition for Nero Premium I suspect may be that is the problem.

so what do i have to do?

If your S/N start with 1C80 then install Nero Premium If your S/N start with 1C82 install Nero Ultra Eddition.

Sorry mate, but you have totally lost me :doh:

Is that hard to know what is your serial number is and what version of nero you should have for that?.

look at your serial number.

if the first few characters are “1C80” then you have a serial number for Nero Premium

if the first few characters are “1C82” then you have a serial for Nero Ultra

what version did you purchase when you purchased it?

my serial number is 5c80

is it possible with my Nero premium 7 that i keep StartSmart,Nero Express and that i uninstall Nero Burning Room and install my old Version of Nero Burning Room v