Newbie needs video edit advice

I am very new but i do have quite a few programs. I used my tv tuner to dload that episode of Star Trek where capt Picard gets captured by the borg and they get him back and blow up the borg ship. I got it in 4 parts to avoid some of the advertising. But being new I messed up a bit so there is still some material to edit out. Its in avi format. Plays back nicely in winamp and looks pretty good. I have a P4 2.4 gig rig w win xp pro sp1 and a dvd burner. The total sum of the 5 files i captured is only 3 gigs.

So my question is.Since i have access to just about any program but i dont need professional results, only standard, What video editing programs could i use? Good, better, and best programs would be helpful for now and in future. And any advice would be helpful since i am a real newbie at this. An example of advice might be to leave it in avi format or change it to another format?

Thanks in advance for all kindly advice given.

For basic editing of AVI files, you can use Windows Movie Maker. If you want to move a step up from there, you can look at some of the all in one editing programs such as ulead studio 9, ulead movie maker, virtualdub, and many others. If you are looking at something in the semi-pro range, look at adobe premiere elements or vegas movie studio. For hard core, look at at adobe premiere, sony vegas 6, etc… There are many good reviews, software tools, and forums you can look through at

Use VirtualDub/Mod, nothing is better.

Thanks very much, thats all the info i need right now.