Newbie needs to bond before asking annoying questions about burning DVDs (sorry)

Hello chaps…what a bloody horrible day, huh? Yuk.

hello, well it depends where abouts you live :wink:

now get on and ask the question :wink:

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Do we take it you come from the south of the UK where it’s been raining all day? :smiley:
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Oh. Yes. Sorry. Believe it or not this is the 1st time Ive really used at chat room. (bear with…) Yeah Im in Cambridge…

i have attempted to anser your question :wink:

ben :bigsmile:

Well the question is this;
Im trying to burn a DVD using Nero, but the thing I end up with is not recognized as a video DVD, just a data DVD with the audio_ts and video_ts folders with the files in it. Any ideas?.. (thanks)

thank you for your welcome. Yes, Im in Cambridge. You’ve avoided the grim weather, then?..

It’s been quite nice here in Scotland :stuck_out_tongue:

RE: your NERO question, how about i delete that message because the Living Room isn’t really for techie posts. By doing that you can post the same message in the NERO forum where your more likely to get the answer to your question. Also, you won’t be cross posting if that message here is deleted.

here are my suggestions

Do you think you might be able to help me then old bean?
Oh you’re from the states…cool.
This is the first time Ive really used a chat room, I got this broadbean connection only last week…

ok. thank you.

old bean? im not from the states! im from near oxford :smiley: it has been ok wheather here today, bit misserable now though:)

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Not very nice in SE Michigan as well :frowning:

w00t another UK person.

Go the Brits and Scots obviously.

yo sorry ben. That was intended for that chap in Detroit…I guess everyone sees all the messages, right?
Oxford, huh? What do you do?

Old bean :o Never heard that one :bigsmile: Boston reference?

old bean…yousta mean old friend here…but that wuz yrs ago.

piddling down in dorset :frowning: but im all cosy in front of a roaring log fire:p

im only 14! :wink:
so i guess student.

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