Newbie needs some help(capture from a dvd)



Ok first let me say hello and this looks like a great site. I am a new member and I hope to gather much needed information so I can make some good home movies. Anyway here is my issue(s) right now. I have many videos on a dvd from my kids athletic games. What I want to do is take parts of these videos and make one video. There maybe only 3 or four parts of one game that I want and 6 or 7 from another. Is there software out there that will allow me to capture clips from a DVD ?

Thank you & I look forward to hanging around.



I don’t know if there are any good freeware ones, but Ulead visual studio, adobe premiere, and other types of programs will all you to do all that and more. Visual Studio can be had for around $40.00.


Or if you’ve Nero you could use Nero Vision Express 3.
And here is some freeware dvd-hive
and dvd-swarm


or you could just use xp’s built in movie maker if youre running xp



As I have looked through win xp’s movie maker I would need a capture device. I wanted to simply use the DVD from my computers dvd player. I don’t think I can hook up my home dvd player to my plextor converter as my capture device. As I said I am new to both this forum and video making but the plextor converter I believe is used to convert analog to digital and seeing as though I already have the kids game on a dvd, I assume that it is now digital…so that way of doing it as I described above I guess would not work…

AS far as the other programs mentioned here from other people I guess I’m going to have to give them a try. Thanks everyone.


Ok just tried virtualdub and basically could not get it to select a capture device. As I said I do not have one connected to my computer. Am I missing something or are the answers that I have received here under the impression that I need software to capture video from an external source, such as a vcr, dvd player, digital cam etc ?

I want to capture portions of a video that is already on a dvd and I want to capture portions of this video from the dvd which is in my dvd player which is in my computer.

It would make perfect sense then why Mr. Brownstone suggested using win xp’s movie maker…


the best, and, in the long run, easiest way to acheive you goal would be to use tmpgenc dvd author. it will allow you to add files direct from dvd drive into the project window, you can then cut and edit out all you want, create a menu, output to dvd compliant mpeg2 file, and burn them with tempgenc, or other apps.
anyway, whatever app u choose, it IS gonna take time and effort to learn. guide @

u might even be able to use dvd shrink in re-author mode


You got the software with your convertx, did you install it? Should have gotten WinDVD Creator and the drivers you need are on the CD.