Newbie needs sims help!



This is probably going to sound like a very basic question but I have been trying to copy this for days without luck and my brain is starting to bleed!
the game is the sims on the disk it says expansion disk MXX08903305D 2000
I have tryed so far Alcohol120%,Nero,Blindwrite,CDRWIN5,CloneCD,CloneyXXL,
Fireburner,EasyCD creator and Disk Dump have also got but not tryed CDmate
I have tryed but failed to install an aspi layer for disk dump most of the software will start and read errors and then get stuck after several hours
My system has an 80gig hard drive with 512 mb ram
and a 600 procesor cd drives are: Compaq Dvd-Rom DRD8080B
and an LG CD-RW CED-8083B if any one has any basic advice on what software to use and how to do it I would appreciate it
sorry for the dumb question


hey wurzle,

First off every heard of there is never a dumb question …well there is not such a thing …also those who in there mind think they have failed have already set themselves up for failure …smart man told me that once …

okay sims …well depends which one you have … also burner and stuff but I will be glad to help …

you can add me to msn messenger and I can try to get ya going …

i have burned all the sims and superstar is the hardest …if you dont have the right burner or settings

msn messenger

positive thinking … will always get you farther ahead plus it wont shut your mind off to narrow thinking …

gosh see what 5 am in morning thinking does to me … lol