Newbie Needs Naviagation Tips

I am a little lost… I was trying to find my posts regarding the BenQ DW400A, and I can’t seem to locate it. I have been viewing as much information as possible. I hope I haven’t damaged this dvd+rw 4x4x12, if I haven’t, I need to know what steps to reconfigure it to work with XP. Do I have to reinstall XP, (which I did not too long ago… for the correct drivers? firmware? software? I learned that it’s different from other devices, because it’s listed as working correct in the device manager, however the drive is not reading. Is there a certain way to clean these drives? :sad: I have been trying to find an answer for almost a month now… (with rest in between). But I am stumped. Is the problem the OS or the drive? Please help before I start pulling my hair out! :confused: And I can’t find my thread that I started. :confused: I have two regions left when I last checked.

Hi sentee, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, you haven’t posted anything about the BenQ DW400A except in your post above - unless you have posted under another username.

You can find your own posts, or the posts of another user of the forum, by clicking on the user name and choosing Find more posts by user.

When I look for your posts, I get the results you can see in this link.

You can try to use the forum Search function in the toolbar near the top of the page.