Hello liggy, :bow: Hello harrie :bow: I’am a newbie at this firmware stuff and on this site. I would like to know which firmware I need . I would like for my nec 3500 to have bit setting for Dual Layer & Single Layer of all brand’s of dvd+r/rw media . Also I would like my nec 3500 to be able to burn all brand’s of 4xdvd+and 4xdvd-at 8x speed, and all brands of 8x speed disc’s to burn at 12x to 16x speeds. IF you guy’s have such a firmware please let me know the version number and the link to get it. THANKS


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There is no firmware that will burn all 4x media at 8x and all 8x at 12x. The firmwares especially for the 3500 have to be tweaked manually and lots of discs are simply not capable of being burned faster than the rated speed.
Some discs are not even capable of being written at rated speed.


Hey liggy what will my nec 3500 do different after the flash with uniflash. I mean what tasks will it be able to perform?


It will serve you free milk through the missing headphone jack and mooh if you hit the eject button…

Modified firmware will remove the riplock, make the drive region free and add bitsetting support for single layer DVD+R media. The search function is a beautiful feature of this board btw., use it!