Newbie needs info



I’m a new member looking for info to copy / edit old analog videos to DVD. I’m trying to decide if I need to buy a DVD recorder w/ a hard drive or buy a DVD burner for my new PC along w/ editing software. I’m not looking for any fancy editing features but I definitely need to organize the content of the material on the tapes. I’d like to get this done as painlessly as possible. THANKS in advance.



If you don’t need to do much editing, the best and cheapest method is a dvd recorder. But give it a lot of thought, because quite a few people come into this thinking that they don’t want to edit, then they find out all the neat stuff you can do, and end up changing their minds later. If this is just for your personal use, then dvd recorder is the best, but if you want to make movies and send them to family members and friends, then you will likely want to make cool intros, and motion menus, and maybe later, do effects. Can’t do that with a recorder…