Newbie needs help

how can i make a backup copy of my vcd that are noe visible in windows explorer?

Wrong forum.

How do you mean non visible in explorer? You should use Alcohol 120% with VCD profile or VCD with bad sectors if the drive isnt in a good condition i think.

Read at 4x if errors occur.

sorry about posting in the wrong forum…what i mean was when i inserted the cd in the drive nothing happen (media player won’t start) so i open windows explorer and nothings there…

To play a vcd with windows media player, you just play the aviseq.dat file.

i don’t have any problem with a standalone vcd player only to backup/played it on my pc…

Normally i would say, try IsoBuster (‘Extract but Filter only M2F2 MPEG frames’ from your dat or mpeg file), but you say there is nothing in Explorer.
Silly question, but have you tried to open that ‘Nothing’ ? Maybe it simply has no name.