Newbie needs help

OK ,

I got my NEC 2500 installed ok. XP recognizes it ok but a funny thing happened. Im not sure if this is related or not. When I opened my mp3 music files, it recognized them as “neromix” media files. I burned a music cd ok but my usual programs dont want to open “neromix” media files. Actually they will but I want them recognized as mp3 files, like they were. So my question is the NEC 2500 dvd burner designed to be played with nero or is that in the firmware or something? What program will play a dvd for me on XP? windows media player? I havent even tried burning a dvd till I can figure out how to play one.

P.S I had nero installed prior but I uninstalled it, could that somehow be doing it??? Thanks Much Bob P.

Right click on one of the files, select “open with” then “choose program”. Find your preferred media player from the list and be sure to tick the box for “always open with”.

you can probably also use your media player program’s options to set file associations.