Newbie needs help



HI All,
You probably hear this question all the time, But i’m going to ask it anyway.

i downloaded a game from a warez site (all 38 zip files). Now what do i do with the zips. how do i combine them. or do i combine them??? I have winzip and WinRAR, i know i have to use these programs. do i unzip all 38 zips into 1 directory???

thanks to anyone


you unzip all the files in 1 dir.
there will be a file there called setup or unpack or something, just start it and follow the instructions.


You best use Winrar, select all ZIP files and choose ‘extract to’, choose your destination directory and it will extract all zip files at once.

Usually you will find winrar files in there and a few *.nfo files from release groups. Now extract the Winrar files by selecting the *.rar file, choose ‘Process all’ when prompted and then it depends on what you will see.

If it is a *.cue and a *.bin file, you burn it with CDRwin or Fireburner (for burnsoftware you can check out, watch out for the popups).

If you get different directories and setup files (then you probably could skip the part about winrar files as well) then you can install right from that directory and burn the files straight to any CDR.

Good Luck


just a question, but where did you download it from :slight_smile:


I have a btach file that ones that does the zips, I will post it up here tomorrow and use winrar to open the rest of the stuff…make sure check the files for viruses/.