Newbie needs HELP!



I am new to this and have downloaded Clone CD on evaluation period. Wot do i do when it runs out?

Can u pleez help me to start copying PSX and PS2 games. Wot do i need? How do i get the cracks and how do i put them in? See…i told u i am a real newbie!

Any help will be grateful! Thanks!:confused:


Well, If you need any crackz just check or sites like or something…just read the info file which usually goes alongwith it and insert the crack…no evaluation period anymore after that, if you do it right that is…Need any help just PM me :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Manorguard
Wot do i do when it runs out?
Buy a serial from :slight_smile:

To answer some of your basic questions on CloneCD check out this CloneCD Manual