Newbie needs help

First of all forgive me because I am so not technically inclined and I apologize in advance when you are trying to help out and i say “Huh???”
But I first ran dvd fab hd decrypter 4.0 and then used dvd shrink and received an error, I didn’t write it down but it said something out the operation failed there is not enough space or something like that but I’m pretty sure I do have enough space. I was able to do a different dvd fine with the same amount of space.

It would help to know the exact error message. Please try Shrink again on your decrypted movie and write down the error message.

okay, sorry, apparently after i ran dvd decrypt and then used dvd shrink it is 5880 MB so I guess I don’t have enough space? I’ve never not had enough space.

What is the name of the movie?

space where? on your hard drive? dvd blank? if the latter that is what shrink is for to reduce the size to fit on a single layer blank. if it’s your hard drive get another or clean up the one you have.

the movie is “war” with jet li on lionsgate I got the same thing with 3:10 to yuma on lionsgate
not enough space on target (which is the blank dvd right? or does that mean my harddrive?) if its hard drive I tried to do just main movie and it still said there wasn’t enough space on target but i tried it anyway and it said there wasn’t enough room on the blank dvd, so i need a dvd with more space?
sorry about my ignorance…

You really should update to the latest version of DvdFab HD Decrypter & try again. Try opening the file in Dvd Shrink & then clicking Analysis, let it analyze, then try again. If that doesn’t work, please post back & we will give FixVts a shot, with instructions if you don’t know how to use it.

thanks, the update u have to pay for right? when i opened it, it asked me if i wanted to check for updates and it updated to but it said i had to pay for
Anyway, I just tried doing the main movie in dvdfab hd decrypter and then when i used dvd shrink, it was cool. So I could only get the main movie.

this website is very helpful btw, this is the first time i actually had to log on and ask something because most of the time my questions are already addressed. a lot of times the answers go over my head…But helpful :slight_smile:

Use this & download the latest version of DvdFab HD Decrypter. I think you are getting mixed up with their pay for use products, DvdFab Gold & DvdFab Platinum.

Thanks, ur the bomb diggidy. I was getting mixed up. (thats not really hard for me to do.) :slight_smile:

Anytime I can, glad to help.