Newbie needs help

O.K so I’m finally getting with the times (about 10yrs too late) LOL! Anyway I just got a new comp with a dvd burner and want to know how to go about making back ups of my dvd collection. I tried using the search function typing in dvd backup software and came up with nothing so here I am. oh and heres a test of my new drive.

You came to the right place! A very good selection of FREEWARE that will perform the backup task includes the following: Ripit4me, DVD Decrypter, FixVTS, DVD Shrink and ImgBrn. There are other programs that work, some you can pay for but I find that this group works very well. Ripit4me acts as a “front end” with FixVTS, DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. start here –

CDFreak veterans can offer other ideas and more help if you have more questions.

Also, use good quality media. Verbatim and some other brands are favored here. BTW its never too late to start :cool:

LOL! thanx for the help. I guess I just feel that I’m asking super old questions. HAHAHAHAHA!

Gamma1 has provided you with good and sound advice just following his suggestions and you will be OK.

If you need a guide choose one from my sig.

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o.k so I downloaded all the programs and ripped a dvd. Now can I just put my blank disc in go to nero and burn

How did you save your output. Iso or Vob Ifo Bup ?

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I read all that and I followed all the directions. I have successfully ripped a dvd to my hard drive. now I want to burn it what are my next steps. I have an oem version of nero installed on my comp

If you saved your image as a Vob,Ifo,Bup follow this guide.

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If you saved it as a Iso, use DvD Decrypter Iso write mode.

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I’m not sure how it saved. It only shows the title of the movie in C: drive I can play it in DVD shrink though. Also I have only Nero start smart program not burning rom. Can I download the burning rom for free

I googled the nero burning rom and came up with this from filehippo is this the right application.

You really don’t have to spend money to complete your task. When you use RipIt4Me with FixVts with DvDShrink save your output as an Iso. Use DvD Decrypter or Imgburn both free to burn your image.

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Iso read or write mode… after I save it as either which one then where do I go in DVD decrypter to burn the disc off the hard drive…
Sorry for the bad punctuation I just got a new comp and for some reason cant use the question mark key all I get is é or É

First thing to do is
If the computer is new and you have trouble with the Keys :confused: take it back and get another one.

and to use DVD Decrypter to burn you will also have to use DVD Shrink and select DVD Decrypter as the burning engine

You will use Iso write to burn it to disk.

Iso read is used for the ripping process.

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Thanx soooo much for the help I have burned my first backup DVD!!! 1 More question though how do I delete the movie off my hard drive now that I don’t need it anymore

Find the image, right click on it and select delete.

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