Newbie needs help

Hey guys i’m new to this stuff. I bought an Xbox with an executor 2 modchip ( i dont know the version exaclty, all i know is that it was modded 1,5 year ago) and i would like to know what i van do with it. How do i install linux on it, a new dashboard etc. i am good in electronics so it won’t be a problem to to any hardware modding but i don’t know anything about this stuff. by the way my xbox is PAL. I tried to find stuff but all i found is some savegames for NTSC games. Can anyone help me?

Well guys i thing i was tricked :frowning:
I decided to open the xbox only to realise that the modchip is alladin advance. I don’t know what version but in the removable chip, possibly the bios it has “ALLADIN ADVANCE” written and beetween the 2 words there is alladin’s magic lamp. any help is appreciated on what i can do with it and what version it is. also how can i know what version my xbox is?

Go to and check out the tutorials and XBOX version section on that front page.

Okay buying an Aladdin instead of an Xectuer is quite a silly thing, but the chip type itself does not really have anything to do with the Linux/dash installation as the hacked BIOS loads and that enables these things. So, even the Aladdin is a worse chip it also can do almost everything that an X2 offers. Anyway as Jesterrace suggested visit that site to know what Xbox version you have. (if it was manufactured after 04/2004 then it’s a V1.6)

regards, Stephen