Newbie needs help with video

Can someone please suggest what software to use to enhance the sound on a dvd?

I have backed up my wedding video to dvd but as it was originally filmed with a camcorder, the sounds near the camcorder are too loud, whilst sounds further away are too quiet.

Is there a way to “equalize” the sound?? or eliminate the background sound of the camcorder running?? Can the picture be enhanced at all?? I want to make copies for other members of my family to see but would like to improve the dvd if it is possible.

Any help greatly appreciated. :confused: :confused:

You will need to demux the audio from the DVD using an app such as DVD Decrypter, Smart Ripper, DVD2AVI, etc. You they need to convert the DVD audio to a wav file. Since the audio most likely will be .mp2 or AC3, I would use Headac3h to do the conversion, although Besweet could be used too. Once you have your audio in .wav file format you will need to edit the audio in a wav editor. Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition), Soundforge, Goldwave, etc should do the trick. You can normalize to get your “equal audio”, but you’ll probably have to manually go through the file and tweak certain parts. If the camera noise has a certain sound characteristic, it can be filtered out quite easily. Once your done filtering your audio, convert it back to whatever the original DVD audio format was (MP2 or AC3).
You’ll most likely have to reauthor your DVD as I’m not aware of a simple way to mux the video with the new audio while adding the padding streams. If you want to maintain your current menus and DVD structure, just encode your audio at the same bitrate as the original file, author up a DVD with the new audio without menus. Now go to the output of the new DVD and delete all the files except for the big VOB files. Drop the same files from the original DVD (the same ones you just deleted from the new DVD) into the folder with the new DVD files…and you should now have a DVD that has the original menu, chapter points, etc with the improved audio.

Thanks for the response. :bow:

I have downloaded Headac3h and a trial version of Soundforge. I will try as you suggest.

When you say “normalize” the audio?? does this program give me the tools to make quiet speaking parts louder whilst reducing the volume of other speech?? The camera noise is quite similar throughout so hopefully I can get that filtered out without losing important audio.

I am a total beginner at this so I might not get results very quickly. :confused:

You can highlite the portion of the audio that needs adjusted and increase or decrease the amplitude. If a section needs increased, I will just keep increasing the amplitude until it is at the level I want it to be at. For something like a wedding, I usually normalize the entire clip to about 95%, then I will manually go in and adjust certain parts that need increased or decreased as needed.
As far as the camera noise, you will need to find a section of the audio that is just the camera noise. In Cool Edit Pro, there is a noise reduction filter where one loads the section of audio containg the noise that needs filtered out. A profile is generated from the sample. Then you can use that profile to filter out that particular noise throughout the entire audio clip. I don’t use soundforge, but i’m sure it would have a similar filter.

You need to apply DRC (Dynamic Range Control), that will make the softer sounds loader and the louder sounds softer. Not sure if any of the above software can do that or not, just check’em out.

DVD2AVI can rip the audio out and set the DRC to eith Light Medium or Heavy. There are only the 3 settings but Heavy may be all you need, give it a try. Load in the VOB files, set DRC to Heavy and then Save Project. Check the resulting sound file.

He probably wants to normalize rather than use a compressor (DRC etc) to make all parts equally loud (no dynamics).

Thanks for your input ChickenMan and DiiZzy.

Being a bit out of my depth here I’m not sure what I need to do so I’m just monitoring the suggestions as to best software etc. I am not familiar with how to use any of them and will just try what sounds like the simplest option.

Just Normalizing the sound will increase the sound level of all. The loudest parts get loader to a “normal” sound level, this also makes the sofetr parts loader as well, it does not change the relative loudness between soft and load parts. All commercial DVD’s have DRC applied, while home made stuff tends to not. Try normallizing and see if it works for you, if not then DRC is the only way to achieve what your looking for.