Newbie needs help with UJDA745 update procedure



Hi all, I hope it’s alright that I ask for help with doing the most basic of computer stuff; I am not technical at all, and need things spelled out for me.
I originally placed this message on the Lenovo forum, but no-one answered. I have found people on this forum very helpful, so I’m confidnat that someone will not consider my question too basic to answer.

I have a refurbished Thinkpad T40.
I’ve had problems with it since I got it 8 months ago, and have been getting advice from the CD Freaks forum. The general concensus is that the Matshita UJDA 745 drive is probably to blame for the majority of my problems (can’t use CDRW’s, problems with DVDFab, System Restore won’t work, and others). It was suggested that I follow the steps on the Lenovo page for updating it’s firmware;
“CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, CD-RW/DVD drive firmware update utility (Bootable CD ISO) - ThinkPad General”

I have done what I could understand. I downloaded the software, burned it onto a CD. I went into the BIOS and wrote down what I found in BIOS> BIOS Setup Utility> Startup> Boot.
The next step is to move “ATAPI CDO” to the top of the list, but I don’t have that. My list looks like this;

Removable Devices
-Legacy Floppy Drives
Hard Drive
CD ROM Drive
IBA 4.1.07 Slot0240

I’m assuming that this step is to make the computer go first to the CD drive, on startup, to make it start up using the utilities I burned onto the CD. I don’t know what I should move to the top of the list.
I looked under My Computer, at the DVD/CDRW Drive (D), and in Hardware, it lists two drives(?confusing?). The first is the IC25N0 that is in the list, after it, it says “Disk Drives”. The second is the Matshita UJDA 745 and after that it says “DVD/CD ROM Drives”. In order to get the computer to restart by reading the utility on the burned CD, do I move “CD ROM Drive” to the top?

I’m clear so far on what I do after that when the computer is running the utility. Just before that, though, I’m still a bit unclear. Do I restart after making that list change, then open the CD drawer, turn off the computer, insert the CD, then turn on the computer again?

Please be patient with me if my questions seem silly. These things are not obvious to me, and I really would appreciate help.

Thinkpad T40 (refurbished)
Windows XP pro, SP2
Superantispyware, AVG free, *Spyware Terminator (*considering removal)
AdvancedWindwsCare Personal v.2 (new on the computer)