Newbie needs help with samsung 616f dvd

Hi, my Samsung 616F DVD ROM isn’t working properly.
It is able to read CD’s and burnt CD’s but when a DVD is inserted nothing is detected. The drive is detected by XP as a DVD/CD drive under “my computer”.
I’m not really sure what info I need to provide for diagnosis so I’ll keep it simple to start with.
System is a pII 400,
192meg RAM,
GeForce 4 64meg AGP card,
AWE64 sound card,
Samsung 616F DVD ROM,
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance :cool:

Was it working? Has it never worked in Xp?

Have you any DVD software installed? Eg. PowerDVD.

When you first install Xp onto a system it dosn’t include any way of playing a DVD which maybe the problem unless it was working at some stage.

Windows Media Player will play DVD’s but only when you download and install a DVD Decoding pack.


I have PowerDVD and WinDVD installed on the puter.
Before the puter was “upgraded” to XP from WinME, the DVD drive did actually work but because I didn’t have a decent Vid card (S3 Virge only) the playback was terrible. Since getting the new GeForce 4 I figured I had it licked but then the DVD drive decided it didn’t want to read a DVD disk. The puter is now back on WinME (purely from a personal choice as I hate XP with a passion and ME has always been stable on this system).
I now believe that many of my problems came from XP and the new M/B that I had to install due to a lack of an AGP slot. Under XP the puter refused to “self power down” as an ATX should…under ME it’s back to normal.
In the end I got annoyed enough to take the DVD Drive back to the supplier and am waiting on their “assessment” as if they can’t find a fault with it I get to pay $50 and have the damn thing back…personally I’d be happier with an exchange…time will tell:cool:

I had a same problem with my computer not powering down under Xp. I managed to fix it because I found out that when I installed Xp on my system the power manager for self power down didn’t set it’self up during install. However you can turn it on manualy under control panel.

You said that you went back to Me but this is just for future reference.

Yeah, the puter is now back and stable on WinME. I ditched XP.
The DVD drive is back with Samsung, apparently there was a fault in it somewhere. And have finally got a M/B that is compatable with all the hardware that is in the puter. So all in all I think (fingers crossed) that our problems have been sorted out and were caused by XP, bad DVD drive and motherboard…and personally I would dsay that XP should be first on the list…but then I’m just biased :):bigsmile: