Newbie needs help with Nero 6

I’ve been trying to help my friend in another state get Nero installed and working on her new system. We had to try several times before we were able to get a download that wasn’t corrupt…had to use the cleaners et al…

Finally got a download that would install and open. But we can’t find a way to format a disc. She can write to a disc in Express (tried Burning ROM but it was too complicated). But what we wanted to do was be able to write to a disc directly from other programs like Quicken. Is this possible with Nero or do we need a packet writer for that?

SmartStart does NOT look like the manual -there is no format icon ANYWHERE.

This may be more than one issue; I don’t know enough to even know how many things we need help with! But I know from past experience that a forum is the place to go for help. So I await all you wonderful knights in shining armor who may be willing to help these damsels in distress…


u’ll definitely need to use a packet writing program in order to use cd-rws like floppies, such as Nero InCD (not possible with just Nero/Nero Express). from there u can format cd-rws and save/erase directly to them as if they were floppies/hdds/etc. packet writing isn’t as reliable as writing cds the normal way, so don’t use it if it’s for critical data.

ok - I accept that…and thank you.

What do we do about the formatting problem? How do we format a disc when there is no icon in SmartStart?

i’m sorry, i’ve never heard of SmartStart. is it packet writing software?

you need incd to format cdrw discs, nero wont format a disc but it can erase them

ok - thanks guys. You have settled our confusions. We’ll be back with our next problems…thank you for so quickly answering my post.
Have a great day!


Hmm … seems like we have lots of "wonderful knights in shining armor " around here :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you around again aprilynm. Dont hesitate to post if you have any more problems. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I came to search this site specifically to resolve a problem I had backing up Quicken. I previously had InCD which despite dire warnings always worked reasonably OK for me in both Win2K and XP but only when used with the drive software came bundled with. I have since bought a LiteOn LDW-411S (bundled with Sonic, not Nero)and found all worked perfectly except Quicken B-U, most irritating. Got directed to Microsoft knowledgebase article (link below) which deals with this exact problem. I am reasonably sure the LDW-411S is Mt. Rainier compliant; problem is Quicken only works with packet writing. In XP the trick is to set the Quicken backup directory to CD Burning Staging area (C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning) instead of your RW drive, then burning to disc requires a couple of extra clicks and your done. Full details of this fix (method 3 of 3 listed) and 2 other options at link below.;en-us;316415

In a nutshell, you can backup Quicken without packet writing software. Bear in mind that once you follow this procedure the file location is saved by Quicken and subsequent backups will be very straightforward.

Later versions of Quicken shouldn’t suffer from this glitch. Must go, my armor needs a polish…

A late response, granted, but useful, you’ll find