Newbie needs help with lite-on dvdrw sohw 1213s tso9

I need help with this I just found out about firmware and maybe I need to upgrade it. is it right to try to play audio cd on this drive too. I get bad hang problems when there is even a disc in drive, much more when I try to play it using wmp 10. I rolled back from wmp 11. with the same problems there too.
it causes the whole system to hang and act up alot. I need help from square one, I just found out that I have the tso9, if that helps. thanx Douglas.

Welcome to CDFreaks. This could be a drive problem, or even a software problem. List your machine specs, and maybe consider recently installed software that might be causing a problem. I see your drive listed in here: I don’t know if that is the latest firmware or not. Otherwise there is alot of experience, and someone else might offer some other things to try, after they see your machine specs. Good Luck.

As I am very new to this stuff, please help me to list my machine specs, I have never done any of this before, thanx…

To update the drive’s firmware, you can download the file from the link given by [B]pacmac[/B]. Unzip and run the exe, making sure there’s no disc in the drive first. You’ll be asked to reboot after the flash is complete.

Yes, your drive should play Audio CD’s without problems (even without the firmware upgrade). There may be a software problem with WMP, however verify that DMA is enabled for the IDE Channel with your drive (link). Your drive will run in “Ultra DMA Mode 2” with 40-wire ribbon cable or “Ultra DMA Mode 4” with 80-wire ribbon. If you have 40-wire, try exchanging it for an 80-wire.