Newbie needs help with backing up Apocalypto

I just bought apocalypto, and i am trying to back it up. but i am unable to back it up. i have tried using DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, and dvd fab. i think it is having trouble with the vob_4.

i was able to open the disc without problems. then, when i try to back it up, during the analizing period, it occurs an error.
the error reads:

dvd shrink encountered an error and can not continue.
failed to read file “D:/”
Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

then, i tried to compress the files using DVD Decrypter, and then open the files with DVD Shrink to burn my backup dvd. but, DVD Decrypter occured an error as well, and it read:

I/O Error!
Device . . . Samsung DVD-ROM . . .
. . .
. . .
Interpretation: Unrecovered Read Error
(. . . means i am skipping some of the message)

dvd fab had a similar error message.

my question is can anyone out there help me with this problem? i am a newbie, sort of, so i do not know all of the possible ways to “go at the problem?” any advice is much apreciated. also, i will be checking this thread frequently, so i will be replying to any possible questions one might ask me.
drew tang

i have solved the problem, or dvd fab decided to be nice tonight. thanks all.