Newbie needs help w/ DVD burner -RW

just bought a Sylvania DVD -RW burner which is a stand alone.

It came w/ 3 Memorex DVD -RW 2X Discs which all work fine.

Do I NEED to purchase discs which specifically say -RW, or can I get -R and just not have the ability to re-write onto those which say -R?

I bought a spindle of 25 Memorex which say 8X but only say -R. WHen I put them into my burner and a message came up saying “Cannot use Playback mode” and wouldn’t let me ‘format’, or do anything.

So basically what I’m asking is this…

Do I HAVE to get -RW? I got the -R because…they were cheaper, and I was planning on ONLY using the disc once to burn onto and never format/reburn onto it.

Does the SPEED of the media matter?

Please help…

Thanks ; :bow: :bow: :bow:

What does the manual say to use??

It doesn’t :rolleyes:

Here are the specs…

It says -R and -RW are fine, I wonder why this happened.

Hi I’m very familiar with this one. I Have a Sylvania DVD Recorder Model # DVR90DE. In the Instruction manual it says you can only use DVD-R (4X) or DVD-RW (2X). You cannot use a 4X-RW or a 8X, 16X -R. The problem now is you can no longer find a RW 2X or a -R4x anywhere. I called Sylvania help line, and they were help, I thought they should offer make it work with disc now available. At the stores selling DVD’s, they think as they show on packages that the discs will work from 1X-16X, not true for this recoder. I Just bought a replacement for mine, a Sylvania DVR90DG, the good news is is half the price I paid for the 90DG. If you can take the recorder back do it. Good Luck…