Newbie needs help "read error"

Hi all I am just joining this forum but i Have been browsing here for a long time.

I am trying to make a back up with clone dvd/any dvd (they are up to date)

but i keep getting read errors at about 10% with clone/any dvd

i also tried the same disc with nero and i am still getting a read error at 71% with nero

I have a liteon 1673s (upto date with firmware) with xp

I copied the disc to my hardrive with dead disk doctor but I am not sure of how to burn the files to a disc.

any help or suggestions would be grat


Welcome to CDfreaks.

Try using AnyDVD ripper utility to copy the DVD to you HD.

Then use CloneDVD to copy the contents of the files in your HD to a DVD media.