Newbie needs help please

Hello everybody,

I’m new to this forum and I am lost in all these topics.
All I want is somebody to tell if it is possible to record a home made movie which was taken with a digital cam on a DVD disc.
I know how to record a VCD but the quality is poor.
I have the new plextor writer and I am using NERO.

If it is possible let me know on how to do it.

Thanks in advance:bow:

Get avisynth and frameserve your clip into TMPGEnc Plus.
Demux, resample (if needed) and normalize audio stream in your source file then encode using toolame.
Once you’re done use TMPGEnc DVD Author to generate a compliant dvd.


So I need:

TMPGEnc Plus


Are there any direct links to these software.
I they free or do you have to buy them?:rolleyes:

Avisynth - Freeware
TMPGEnc Plus - Trialware (free for 14 days)
Make TMPGEnc read AVS files

  1. Install Avisynth and TMPGEnc Plus
  2. Unzip “”
  3. Copy ReadAVS.dll and ReadAVS to where you installed TMPGEnc Plus
  4. Edit (Right-click --> Edit) ReadAVS.reg so it has correct path to your ReadAVS.dll-file and run it.
  5. Open up notepad and change the source to yours
  6. Save it as DV.avs
  7. Open up TMPGEnc Plus, follow the wizard and use DV.avs as source
  8. Open TMPGEnc DVD Author and follow the wizard.

You only need to do audio manually if you end up with jerky audio after encoding.