Newbie Needs Help (Liteon, Clone CD, SafeDisk2)

I am trying to make a backup of Medal of Honor (safe disk 2). Iam using a new Verbatim (Liteon) Burner, and latest version of CloneCD.

Here’s the problem

When I click on clonecd,then try to make an image file ,after half an hour,only 1% had been read. Something must be wrong.

One Person suggested the following:

For reading use the liteon and set fast error skip to 0 retries and hardware correction. then burn with only ‘amplify weak sectors’ and ‘always close last session’ selected.

2 Questions:

  1. Any other suggestion?
  2. Where do I go to change the settings he suggested. I am new at this and I cant even find out where to make these changes. CloneCD doesnt seem to have any place to make these. Is there somewhere in control panel for the settings on the burner?

thanks in advance

in the read settings enable “Fast Error Skip” it will go faster to find the settings right click on your burner and select settings, or right click on a profile and select edit. If it is a lite-on you wont need to enable Amplify weak sectors disable it or you will make a coaster

thanks so much but I am embarrassed to ask where to I get to the settings?

I can go to My Computer and right click but I get no “settings” tab…just properties…and nothing mentioned about Fast Skip Error"

Sorry to be so dumb.

when you start up clone cd and select “read image to file” then it will ask to “select your reader” this is where you change the settings.

Right click on the reader and choose settings this is where the settings are. Then select “fast error skip”, "read retries “0” "

I found it finally and made the changes but it still is taking forever to ready the disk…

Wonder if for some reason it cant read SafeDisk2


no its going faster believe me after about 4 or5% it will take off and finish in about 8 minutes total

Ok…I’ll hold out and see…thanks again for all your help.

Your the man…




if your writer is a lite-on go into the settings again when your going to write it and disable amplify weak sectors

I’ll will do it.

PS. Let me know if I can help you out…thanks real laugh huh?


I tried to de-slect it but its permanent checked (cant uncheck it)

My actual burner is a Verbatim but I know it is a Liteon. I wonder if there is any advantage to me changing the firmware to a Liteon if that makes any sense.


check your private messages

Maybe You can privately inform me or help me… I cant see the hide cdr function or the new protected game cd progile in clone cd…
been trying so manywasy to back this game up,as well as TriplepLay2001 and my Madden 2001…
Any help appreciiated… or email:

I realize that this board is for clonecd but you might consider trying another method like disc dump to make an image file and then fireburner to burn the CD. I tried it and it works great.

The threads where I first learned about discdump are HERE regarding FIFA 2003 not working with CloneCD after several failed tweaks . If one way doesn’t work for you, try something else.

You can read more about different copying methods HERE

Download discdump here

Downlaod Fireburner

If disc dump does not see your cdrw drive, you might need to install ASPI 4.6 like I did (don’t use 4.7 or 4.71). You can get FORCE ASPI here and also HERE

CloneCD is good but if it isn’t working . . .why continue?

good luck

I know its clone CDforum… as well…
But since cloneCD isnt allowing me to fully utilize it… Im asking for help so any response is betetr than being lost here. :slight_smile:

I dl’ed disc dump and the fireburner… I will try later on … and reply here…

ALSO: I checked… no aspi layer wa sinstalled… I wa sasking about that in my other thank you… I did DL the forceASPI and installe dit… checks out good now… so maybe Ill have better luck…

I will check back… Are there any specific settings to use in DDUMP or FIREBURNER pertaining to how SafeDisc2.8 was copied?..

IF so let me know…
]thanks in advance:p

Originally posted by alfieboy
I will check back… Are there any specific settings to use in DDUMP or FIREBURNER pertaining to how SafeDisc2.8 was copied?..

You didn’t check all the links in usthaiguy’s post did you? :wink:

Settings for discdump and fireburner for safedisc 2 copying can be found here.

I did… I just misse dthe lil orange link in the top. Im sorry…
I printed them out as well as the comments…lmao… all 25 pages… HEHEHEEHEHE

installed forceASPI460 and grabbed ddump/fireburner… will try again…

If your drive is taking ages to read SafeDisc1/2 CD’s then use Daemon-Tools to do fast dump.

ddump/firburner combo works extremely well… TY to everyone…
went fast burne dimage from HD in approx 4mins