Newbie needs help here

i need anyhelp learning how to copy dvd’s i keep getting that copyright protection error

What error?
Which software are you using?

i’m using sonic and wmp and recordnow and getting the error cannot copy because of copy protection

Movie DVD or Game DVD?

Well if its a movie dvd, a simple way would be to rip to HDD with DVD Decrypter and then burn with Nero 6.
Or use AnyDVD with CloneDVD2, but what kind of error are you getting?

If its a game DVD and protected with SafeDisc, you won’t be able to make a backup, but if its with SecuROM then we need to know what kind of DVD unit you are using.

Use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD onto your hard drive. Use DVD Shrink to shrink the DVD to fit onto a DVD±R and then use DVD Decrypter to burn the contents back to disk. Both DVD Decrypter and DVD shrink are free