Newbie needs help flashing/setting the book type on his iHAS124 drive!

I used to flash my old NEC drives all the time. I read through all the threads here and I’m still VERY confused what utiltities and firmware I need to set the book type of my LiteOn iHAS124 drive.

I watch burnt movies and like changing the book type to ensure they always play in standard DVD players.

Any help please?

Is the iHAS124 a A or a Y revision (The drive name as shown on the PC will either show ATAPI IHAS124 A or ATAPI IHAS124 Y.

If it is a ‘A’ revision, it is a true lite-on drive, and bitsetting can be achieved with the Settings Utility, or a program such as Imgburn.

It if is a ‘Y’ revision, it is a rebadged Optiarc (NEC) drive, and will need to be flashed directly with a patched bitsetting firmware.